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I there a DuckTales Fanon Wiki? if there is can you link it?
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Episode categories

I recently noticed that we have an abundance of episode categories. Outside of the main categories, we have:
-Upcoming Episodes
-Unreleased Episodes
-Episodes Coming Soon
All three of these categories essentially mean the same thing. I get that "Episodes Coming Soon" is probably moreso meant for the next few episodes, but I still find it a little unnecessary, while "Unreleased Episodes" could to imply they're unreleased for a reason (controversy, being pulled from air, etc) and thus should probably be removed as well.

Additionally, I think "Episodes" should be treated as a "high level category", as in no articles goes into it, instead other categories go into it (in this case, Season 1 Episodes and Upcoming Episodes). I think this would help organize articles.

Any opinions?
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Featured Videos?

When whill this wiki have Featured Video?
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Stub template

So, it's been bugging me for awhile but I didn't want to edit it without consent of others. The stub templates color scheme is pretty hard to look at. Dark red with black font and darkish blue link. I think we should change the background to a lighter shade of red or another color featured on the Junior Woodchuck Book as to make it more readable.

Any opinions?
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5 Life Lessons We Can Learn From "DuckTales"

Check out this new Fandom article:
5 Life Lessons We Can Learn From ‘Ducktales’
5 Life Lessons We Can Learn From ‘Ducktales’ FANDOM
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Main page font

I want to know if the new font on the main page ("SF Fedora") works for you guys. I had to fiddle with the common.css to get it working, but I'm not sure if it's working on everyone's end.
That is what it looks like on my end. Is it bugged out for others?
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"Biography" or "History"?

So, Scrooge McDuck's article has a "Biography" section while most other articles has "History" instead. What standard should we use in the future? I personally think "Biography" sounds better for characters while "History" sounds better for places, objects, concepts, etc. What does everyone else think on the subject?
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Magica De Spell Infobox Image

Which of the following images do you prefer:
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Have You created a page?
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What is your favorite Duck tales Character
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What comic stories would you like to see an episode based off of?
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Just wanted to get to know some of the other users, who contribute to this wiki.
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welcome to discussion for the DuckTales 2017 Wiki
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