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Welcome, folks, to the world famous Little Lake!

–Donald Duck

Big Trouble at Little Lake is a comic featured in DuckTales 0#.


While Donald Duck is giving a tour of Little Lake, Huey, Dewey and Louie tag along on their canoe. While on the tour, a passenger by the name of Dr. Ruffalo tries to take over the boat himself, the struggle between him and Donald disrupts the tour and causes the boat to crash jagged rocks near by a small island, which the group takes as refuge.


The comic starts with Donald giving a tour of the famous Little Lake. Donald seems pleased with his new job situation, a calm easy job. When he notices his nephews attempting to sneak off in a canoe, he gets angry. The nephews convince him to let them ride in the canoe, but under his terms (which are wearing life jackets and being tied to his boat). Donald continues giving tours on his boat, until Dr. Ruffalo interrupts and attempts to take over the tour. With Donald and Dr. Ruffalo fighting over control of the boat, they crash into a small island. On the island they work on making a raft, just have it ruined by the Porifera Elektricus (which is a sponge). In the end helicopter hears Donald's screaming, and comes down to save them. In the end the helicopter pilot gives Donald a job opportunity to work for the rescue squad, which Donald quickly declines.





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