• Enda McNabola

    I've noticed that some characters that are in this show were voiced by a lot of people from Bojack Horseman.

    (Paul. F Thompkins, Margo Martindale, Ben Schwartz, Kimiko Glenn etc). I propose we make a list page of the characters that they've voiced between these shows.

    Here's an example:

    DuckTales role(s)
    Gladstone Gander
    Dewey Duck
    Ma Beagle
    Fenton Crackshell Read more >
  • Basketkeep

    Hey There!

    Welcome to my first blog! I plan on writing about all sorts things related ot DuckTales. Today I'm talking about DuckTales Villains:

    Scrooge McDuck has been on adventures for years. Over the time he's made many allies, and even more enemies! In this blog entry, I will be talking about Scrooge's most classic enemy, Flintheart Glomgold. Glomgold has been the second richest duck in the world for years, always trying to prove himself more Scottish and more Rich. He was in the pilot episode, and from what we saw then, we know Glomgold is willing to go to any means to prove himself richer then Scrooge. He was okay with taking the Jewel of Atlantis and leaving Scrooge, Donald, and even Dewey, who is just a kid, to drown in the treasure c…

    Read more >

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