• FriendlyGirl48

    My idea pages

    June 21, 2018 by FriendlyGirl48

    It's on Idea.wikia.

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  • CartoonEverything

    Cap This

    June 19, 2018 by CartoonEverything

    Hi and welcome to Cap This! What it basically is, is that people would submit an image in the comments along with a humorous caption. Then everyone will be able to go through and rate them depending on their liking. How this will actually work is that they'll be three different colored stars; gold, silver, and bronze. Whichever three images and captions get the most gold stars will be in the gallery of this blog, which will be updated weekly, because this is a weekly activity. Also, since I don't want to do this in separate blogs (please don't think I'm lazy, I just don't want my blog section clogged that's all.) I'll post a comment in this blog to divide weeks so it stays organized. Anyway, let's just get on with it.

    • To prevent overly la…

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  • FriendlyGirl48


    May 29, 2018 by FriendlyGirl48

    For my episode idea:

    Happy Jack: "THERE HE IS, BOYS! GET HIM!" [Launchpad flees from the tanks]
    [As Launchpad stops, he loses balance, causing his foot to break the wall of a building which causes everyone in the building to run for their lives.]
    Launchpad: "WHOOPS! SORRY!" [He sees the citizens running]
    Kid: "RUN!"
    Male Citizen: "IT'S DUCKZILLA!"
    Launchpad: [Steps on something] "Whoops!"
    [It was revealed it was a phone booth, where a citizen was going to call the navy]
    Female Citizen: "AAH! IT'S A GIANT!"
    [They run from Launchpad. Then Launchpad runs to a building. The police cars parked] 
    Police: [On megaphone] "STOP IN THE NAME OF-" [Launchpad stepped on the car] "DARN IT"
    [Launchpad then starts climbing up the building.…

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  • FriendlyGirl48


    May 28, 2018 by FriendlyGirl48

    Who should be Gosalyn's new voice actress?

    My answer: Elizabeth "E.G" Daily

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  • FriendlyGirl48

    Episode Ideas

    May 19, 2018 by FriendlyGirl48
    1. "The Secret Origin Of Lena De Spell"

      Synopsis: Lena has a past that she never tells it to anyone.
    2. "Bad Luck Day"

      Synopsis: Friday The 13th is the day where bad luck happens, and things get worst when Donald turns into a giant after being convinced by a villain.

      Note: It's based on a comment I read and an idea I had in my mind.
    3. "One Day For A Giant, One Night For A Ghoul"

      Synopsis: A serum caused Gyro to grow into a giant, meanwhile, Huey and Louie explores a abandoned pizza place.
    4. "An 80's World"

      Synopsis: The main cast meets their 80's counterparts.

    What ideas do you have? Comment below

    Note: These are headcanon ideas. I understand if you don't like them.

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  • FriendlyGirl48


    May 5, 2018 by FriendlyGirl48
    • sighs*
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  • FriendlyGirl48

    I using it again

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  • FriendlyGirl48

    Oh well

    April 19, 2018 by FriendlyGirl48

    I'm using my phone

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  • FriendlyGirl48


    April 9, 2018 by FriendlyGirl48

    I found this 

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  • FriendlyGirl48


    March 25, 2018 by FriendlyGirl48

    I was looking on Disney TV Animation until I saw this: 

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  • FriendlyGirl48


    March 24, 2018 by FriendlyGirl48

    From but different:

    Scrooge: "I guess I should-" [As Scrooge walks to the meeting, he begins to shake, dropping his cane] "Hey, what's going on?" [Scrooge begins to grow to a size of his money bin. On one of the floors, a worker was cleaning the floor, until Scrooge breaks through the floor/ceiling.]

    Worker: "OH MY GOSH!"

    [Scrooge then grows more as he crashes to the next floor. All the workers escaped the building. Then Scrooge's feet pull through the floor, then his arms pop through the walls. Then his head hits the roof, the roof is now on his hat.]

    Scrooge: "OW!" [He takes the roof out of his hat.] "CURSE MY KILITS, I'm tall as my money bin! Now, how am I suppo…

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  • FriendlyGirl48

    Shadow Version

    March 23, 2018 by FriendlyGirl48

    Here's what I did 

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  • FriendlyGirl48


    March 22, 2018 by FriendlyGirl48


    Synopsis: Something strange is going on in Duckburg, where the night curse ducks strikes

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  • FriendlyGirl48

    An Apology

    March 20, 2018 by FriendlyGirl48

    I'm sorry if my episode ideas post was lame and/or scary, I understand. Note: This was from one comment. I feel sorry.

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  • FriendlyGirl48

    A character idea

    March 20, 2018 by FriendlyGirl48

    I'm thinking of a character named Thomas Beakley AKA The Money Basher

    I'm thinking of he could wear purple shirt and grey pants, in his The Money Basher, black eye mask, black and grey clothes.

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  • FriendlyGirl48

    Note: This is just my ideas. This is a change from

    I remember watching Ducktales 1980's "Attack Of The Fifty Foot Webby", it became my favorite episode. In 2017, I was thinking "What if there's a giant episode in Ducktales 2017?".

    Here's my ideas:

    "Attack Of The Sixty Foot Launchpad" *You might be thinking "What a terrible title name". I understand.*

    Synopsis: When Launchpad falls victim to a strange lake, he grows into a giant. As the others find a way to reverse the effects, Happy Jack, the circus owner, seeks to use Launchpad as his new sideshow.

    "Giant Duck In Duckburg"

    Synopsis: Tired of being called short, Scrooge uses a serum to b…

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  • FriendlyGirl48

    Hi There

    March 19, 2018 by FriendlyGirl48

    This is where I'll be posting blog

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  • Darkanine

    Merging preparations

    February 28, 2018 by Darkanine
    NOTE: The merging has been called off. This is just an archive.

    As some of you may know, it's very possible this wiki will be merged with the original DuckTales wiki as both RadSpyro (the only sysop over there) and CartoonEverything have agreed upon this. This in of itself is mostly great news, not only will give us a larger active community base but give us much more exposure, which encourages new users to join.

    However, it also brings about lots of change and it's always good to be prepared for such change. With this merging, we will be covering a much broader franchise instead of just a small subset of it. A franchise with a long running cartoon series, a fair share of video games hundreds if not thousands of comics (if we chose to have article…

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  • Hilary James Lyall

    Darkwing Duck is soon coming on DuckTales. So stay tuned if you want to take a look at Darkwing Duck’s Debut Episode.

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  • Enda McNabola

    I've noticed that some characters that are in this show were voiced by a lot of people from Bojack Horseman.

    (Paul. F Thompkins, Margo Martindale, Ben Schwartz, Kimiko Glenn etc). I propose we make a list page of the characters that they've voiced between these shows.

    Here's an example:

    DuckTales role(s)
    Gladstone Gander
    Dewey Duck
    Ma Beagle
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  • Basketkeep

    Hey There!

    Welcome to my first blog! I plan on writing about all sorts things related ot DuckTales. Today I'm talking about DuckTales Villains:

    Scrooge McDuck has been on adventures for years. Over the time he's made many allies, and even more enemies! In this blog entry, I will be talking about Scrooge's most classic enemy, Flintheart Glomgold. Glomgold has been the second richest duck in the world for years, always trying to prove himself more Scottish and more Rich. He was in the pilot episode, and from what we saw then, we know Glomgold is willing to go to any means to prove himself richer then Scrooge. He was okay with taking the Jewel of Atlantis and leaving Scrooge, Donald, and even Dewey, who is just a kid, to drown in the treasure c…

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