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The Deus Excalibur is a sword owned by Scrooge McDuck and stored in his garage.



The Deus Halliburton appears to be a long scimitar-like sword with a razor sharp, but significantly damaged blade.

Nature and powers

As described by Webby Vanderquack, the Deus Excalibur wont rest until it slays its target. In Dewey's case, the target was the undead Captain Peghook. Despite this, after the sword was caught by Peghook, it stopped chasing him, allowing Peghook to use it as a weapon against the Ducks. The sword displayed the abilities of flight and gave off a ghostly aura. The sword was incredibly sharp, able to cut right through stone with the barest of effort, as seen with Peghook used the sword to decapitate the stone statue of Scrooge.


Pighook using the Deus Excalibur

Peghook commanding the sword

Dewey Duck first drew the sword on Captain Peghook out of self defense, unaware to the swords nature and power. As he pointed the sword towards the captain, it flew away from his hands in an attempt to slay Captain Peghook. However, the sword was caught mid-flight and was then used as a weapon for Peghook. Peghook used the weapon in his brief duel with Scrooge and even managed to cleave off the head of a statue modeled in his likeness. However, Peghook was quickly outsmarted by his opponent and banished to the afterlife.

After their trip to Atlantis, Webby was seen playing with the the sword, to the shock of Dewey.



  • The name is a pun on the phrase "Deus Ex Machina", which means "god from the machine".


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