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I worked hard to perfect that skill!

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–Fenton Crackshell-Cabrera

Call me...GIZMODUCK!

–Fenton as Gizmonduck

Fenton Crackshell-Cabrera or simply just Fenton Crackshell is a character who will be included DuckTales. Fenton works for Gyro Gearloose, as an intern. He will eventually become Duckburg's heavily armored superhero, Gizmoduck.


Fenton Crackshell has light brown feathers and wears a cream colored top with a light purple tie.


Fenton is an optimistic, impossibly earnest, and brilliant young intern who wants what's best for everyone.


  • In "The Great Dime Chase!", Gyro used his catchphrase "Blathering Blatherskite". Since Fenton works for Gyro, he could have got it from the former and the inspiration for the name of his next invention "Project Blatherskite".
  • He has Cuban roots