George Mallardy was a famous explorer and celebrated hero whose life was shrouded in folklore due to his mysterious death.



Despite being heralded as a hero, George Mallardy was a greedy and self-serving man with little regard of life other than his own. He showed signs of elitist, mocking Scrooge McDuck mercilessly or his inexperience as an explorer and reliance on safety gear. A greedy bird, George left Scrooge to die at Mount Neverrest in order to save his own skin and of came the fame of being the first person to step foot on the summit of Neverrest himself.

For his faults, George was a legitimately skilled explorer who, for the most part, earned his fame.


George Mallardy is an adult Mallard who appears to be in his late 30s to early 40s. George rocks a classic and suave, yet adventurous mustache and hair combo.


Early Life

Not much is known of George's life prior to his final adventure. He was a famed explorer, famous and skilled enough to be hired by Scrooge and appeared to have gone on adventures before scaling Mount Neverrest.

Final Adventure

Climbing Mount Neverrest

S1E8 George cutting Scrooges rope

George cutting Scrooge's rope

75 years before the events of The Impossible Summit of Mt. Neverrest!, George Mallardy was hired to explore the dangerous Mount Neverrest by a young Scrooge McDuck, who was celebrating his first billion dollars. Scrooge was new to adventuring and thus wanted to come prepared, and he did so by bringing along a massive assortment of safety gear and equipment. George found Scrooge's lack of experience humorous and laughed at the billionaire for his precautions. Their adventure went south when the two were scaling the mountain, Scrooge's equipment began to weigh the town down as they were hanging onto a rope. George ordered Scrooge to get rid of his equipment, but when Scrooge refused to do so, George decided to cut the rope short, causing Scrooge fall so George could climb the mountain himself.


S1E8 Georges Corpse

George's skeletal remains, 75 years later

George would make an effort to climb the mountain himself and to his credit, made it a respectable distance. At some point in his trek up the mountain, George either came across the dimensional wormholes that dotted the summit of the mountain or the cave-paintings that depicted said wormholes. It's unknown what happened next, but eventually George died in a cave, with his last known words being "CURSE YOU, McDUCK" etched into the cave wall.


S1E8 George Legacy

George's legacy

Upon his death, George would leave behind a legacy still felt 75 years later, while his unknown tag along's identity would be lost to the ages.


George would live on as a folk hero, whose exploits have been greatly embellished. In the folklore, George is depicted as a heroic figure who vanished and presumably died on Mount Neverrest when he tried to save his incompetent tag along, the "Neverrest Ninny".


George Mallardy became a heavily merchandised figure, with his name and face plastered onto T-Shirts and other assorted tourist traps.


George was a skilled explorer and mountaineer. He may have also been a fairly skilled artist, assuming he was the one who left behind the cave paintings in the caves of Mount Neverrest.


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