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Gladstone Gander is a character created by Carl Barks who made his debut in the episode The House of the Lucky Gander! He is a lazy and extremely lucky goose who never fails to upset his cousin and arch-nemesis, Donald Duck. He is voiced by Paul F. Tompkins.



Unlike Donald Duck or Scrooge who are hardworking and have ambitions, Gladstone is lazy and overdependent on his luck. He has no ambitions in life and is incapable of long-term planning. Gladstone is arrogant, believing that with his supernatural luck, he can get out of any situation and can breeze through life without having to get his hands dirty. However, Gladstone's luck is not infinite as it tends to get the best of him or get him into situations that he can't get out of without help from his family. He is also shown to be inconsiderate as despite everything Donald and Scrooge had done to save him, Gladstone didn't thank the two for saving his life and merely brushes it off as his own luck's doing that got them out.

Fortunately, despite all of his faults, Gladstone has an existential soul-seeking side where he questions who Gladstone Gander really is and wanted to go on a journey to answer said questions. Unfortunately, that didn't last long as his fortune came back when a beautiful wealthy woman sold him her yacht for 20 bucks. This shows that despite all he had went through, as long as his luck continues to spoil him, Gladstone is somewhat irredeemable and cannot see the error of his ways.


Early Life

Gladstone Gander grew up with his cousin, Donald and the two appeared to have spent a lot of time together as children. Despite this, their relationship wasn't very healthy, with Gladstone often being inconsiderate towards Donald and Donald grew jealous of his luck. The two would continue to be in each others lives well into adulthood, though have since drifted away.


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