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If it's not in the Junior Woodchuck Guidebook, then it's not a thing.

–Huey Duck

Hubert "Huey" Duck is one of the main character in the series. He's one of the sons of Della Duck and one of Donald's triplet nephews. He is also the eldest of the triplets. He usually makes sure Dewey's plans are all in line, and Louie doesn't fall into trouble. He usually wears red clothes. Huey is shown to not believe some things, such as the Terra-firmians, unless it is in the Junior Woodchucks Guidebook in "Terror of the Terra-firmians!"



Huey is good-natured, courteous, polite and kind-hearted. He's close with his family and loves his brothers, uncle and great-uncle dearly. He also seems to have a strong brother-sister bond with Webby Vanderquack, despite the two only recently becoming friends. Like his brother Dewey, Huey has an affinity for adventure, though unlike Dewey, who is brash and thrill seeking, Huey has a more methodical approach to adventure. He approaches things at a slow pace and with a rational mindset, preferring to gather information first rather than just jumping right in. He almost point-blank refuses to believe in things he can't prove to exist, and has been shown to be critical of others who believe in such things. These are traits that were likely instilled into him by the Junior Woodchucks. Huey likes a certain amount of order to everything, and insists on controlling situations as much as he can. When he finds that he isn't in control of something, it can lead to him becoming slightly unhinged until he can fix it. Huey also has a tendency to play big brother to others, even those completely unrelated to him, which may seem from his need for control.


Early Life

Huey was the first son born to Della Duck (His father is never mentioned). Not much of Huey's early childhood is known. Huey spent a good amount of his childhood being raised by his maternal uncle, Donald Duck as they traveled the state in order to find a residence. At some point, Huey became a Junior Woodchuck Scout, a title he held near and dear to his heart.


Scrooge McDuck

Huey, like his brothers, looks up to his Uncle Scrooge for many reasons. He values his adventurous spirit and intelligence, even if he understands Scrooge can be gruff and at times a little aloof to his family. Huey however, has a great desire to make Scrooge proud of him and felt betrayed when he felt like Scrooge wouldn't let him show him his skills. When Scrooge discovered this, he assured Huey that he was always proud of him for being the most intelligent and resourceful person he ever knew, aside from himself.

Skills and Abilities

You don't ever have to show off for me - You're the smartest, most resourceful person I know! Aside from yours truly, of course. I could never not be proud of you!

–Scrooge McDuck, "The Giant Butterfly of Duckburg"

Being a Junior Woodchuck Scout, Huey has a greater deal of survivalism skills and adventuring experience then his brothers, but he's also more cautious and tends to take stuff slower and more steady, much to the annoyance of his family. He's shown to be very capable in at least basic survival situations and can make campfires fairly easily. Likewise, he's shown to be a fairly skilled climber.


Shorts (50%)

  • Meet Huey Duck!
  • Donald's Birthday!
  • Meet Mrs. Beakley!

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"The foyer is the safe zone!" -Huey Duck[Source]


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