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Title Original Airdate
"Donald's Birthday" June 9, 2017
It is Donald's birthday, and Scrooge, Webby, Huey, Dewey and Louie present to him a birthday cake with one candle. He tries to blow out the candle, but for some reason it does not go out. Donald tries everything to make the candle go out, until the flare turns blue and attacks him. Scrooge reveals that it is a special candle that can never go out, just so he can save money on buying another candle for every Birthday. In Donald's last attempt to put the candle out, it blows up his cake and destroys his presents.
"Scrooge" June 9, 2017
Louie finds a fancy old clock, but when he starts playing around with the hands it turns out to be a time machine that ends up sending Scrooge around different time peroids.
"Huey" June 9, 2017
Huey spends the night out camping. After pitching up his tent, he captures Bigfoot.
"Launchpad" June 16, 2017
Launchpad leaves a note after crashing into someone's car.
"Beakley" June 16, 2017
While to her chores, the kids are being chased a ghost until Beakley sucks it up with her vacuum cleaner.
"Webby" June 16, 2017
Webby sets out on a mission to hunt for buried treasure, specifically the cookie jar. When she finds it, she discovers that Dewey ate all the chocolate chip cookies, and left only one of oatmeal raisin flavor.
"The World Longest Death Trap!" May 27, 2018
"The Lost Key Of Tralla La" Jul 29, 2017
Adventure calls when Scrooge, Huey, Dewey, Louie and Webby recover the Lost Key of Tralla La!
"DuckTales As Told By Emoji" Sep 14, 2017
Emojis, woo-oo! Enjoy the latest emoji-fied adventure, filled with your favorite Duckburg residents: Huey, Dewey, Louie, Webby, and Uncle Scrooge! Catch the new season of DuckTales on September 23, 2017 on Disney XD!

Season 1

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Title Original Airdate Production
01 01 "Woo-oo!" August 12th, 2017 101
Donald Duck reluctantly takes his nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie to the home of their reclusive great-uncle Scrooge McDuck. Enthralled by their once legendary great-uncle and the wonder of McDuck Manor, the triplets and their newfound fierce friend Webby learn of long-kept family secrets and unleash totems from Scrooge’s epic past, sending the family on an adventure of a lifetime to the Lost City of Atlantis.
02 02 "Daytrip of Doom!" September 23rd, 2017 103
The nephews take Webby to Funso’s Fun Zone and have a dangerous run-in with the Beagle Boys.
03 03 "The Great Dime Chase!" September 23rd, 2017 105
Louie accidentally spends Scrooge’s Number One Dime and turns to mad inventor Gyro Gearloose for help to get it back, while Dewey and Webby become entangled in a conspiracy.
04 04 "The Beagle Birthday Massacre!" September 30th, 2017 106
After crashing Ma Beagle’s birthday party, Webby and new mysterious friend Lena must fight their way through Beagle Boy turf to get back home.
05 05 "The Tunnel of Terra (firmians)!" October 7th, 2017 110
Huey and Webby’s disagreement over the existence of a mythic species leads the kids to explore an eerie abandoned subway tunnel, while Mrs. Beakley grows suspicious of Lena.
06 06 "The House of the Lucky Gander!" October 14th, 2017 107
Donald competes with his cousin Gladstone Gander to impress Louie at a mysterious resort in Macaw, while Scrooge tries to lure the kids away from the resort’s endless distractions.
07 07 "The Infernal Internship of Mark Beaks!" October 21st 2017 108
Huey competes with Dewey for a coveted internship with Duckburg’s newest tech billionaire, Mark Beaks, while Scrooge and Glomgold team up to take this new competitor down.
08 08 "The Living Mummies of Toth-Ra!" October 28th, 2017 109
In a lost pyramid, Louie interprets a pharaoh’s prophecy to his advantage, forcing Scrooge and Launchpad to convince a group of living mummies to rescue him.
09 09 "The Impossible Summit of Mt. Neverrest! " December 2nd, 2017 TBA
Scrooge and Huey are determined to be the first to set foot atop an impossible summit, but the snow-capped mountain holds a treacherous secret that tests both their will power and survival skills.
10 10 "The Missing Links of Moorshire!"

Unknown Season

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No. in
Title Original Airdate Production
TBA TBA "Untitled Darkwing Duck Crossover" TBA TBA

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Unknown Season
"Untitled Darkwing Duck Crossover"