Little Lake is a large lake that Donald Duck gave tours of.


The name "Little Lake" is actually somewhat of a misnomer, as it's actually quite a large lake. It has an area of six square miles[1]. Instead, the lake gets its name for its incredibly shallow waters, which according to Louie Duck, is only two feet deep.[2] The lake appears to have a fairly popular tourism industry, with modest sized crowds lining up to take tours.


The lake is home to a single, small island that contains little more then a solitary tree. Huey, Dewey and Louie sought to travel to the lone island, believing it had treasures. When they washed up on the island, they were disapointed to see that it had no valuables to speak of.


Several fish live within the lake, but the lake is best known for its huge variety of sponges. The lake is home to 232 species of Purple Sponge.[3]




  1. That's because Little Lake is actually a very BIG lake - six square miles!

    –Donald Duck

  2. The water in the lake is only two feet deep. Besides, Huey's a junior woodchuck trained in all kinds of life-saving skills.

    Louie Duck

  3. The 232 species of Purple Sponges that live at the bottom! 232 species is a lot to SOAK IN - HAHAHAHA!

    –Donald Duck