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As long as you can talk, you can talk your way out.

–Louie Duck

Llywellyn "Louie" Duck is a main character in the 2017 DuckTales series and one of Donald's triplet nephews. Louie is the youngest of the triplets. Louie has a very laid back attitude about things.



The so-called "evil triplet," Louie loves money and riches, but doesn't like having to work for it. He's by far the laziest of the brothers, preferring to sit and watch TV all day rather than do something productive. He's also not as friendly as his brothers, and likes to act aloof and uninterested. That being said, Louie is still an adventurer at heart. Once he has his heart set on something (usually a piece of treasure), he'll go after it with serious grit and determination (though always with an air of caution). He's skilled at lying and talking his way out of situations, and though he may seem dull at first, he actually has a sharp tactical mind, and can come up with a functioning plan in only a few seconds. He deeply loves his family, though like any child, he's not particularly fond of them up close. Although Louie tries to put on an air of self-confidence, he's secretly insecure about his usefulness, worrying that he won't be able to protect himself when the time comes, and that he truly is the spare in the family. Interestingly, Louie acts like he's callous and uncaring, but he seems to be the most emotionally vulnerable of the trio, often dropping all pretenses when faced with a situation he's personally attached to. Ultimately, Louie is a savvy businessduck with an eye for gold and a heart full of emotion.

Physical Appearance

Louie is a small white duck who wears a green sweatshirt. Unlike his brothers, his hair does not stick up. He is sometimes shown wearing jewelry, as well as a kings crown. He also is shown wearing a Loupe around his neck.

Aliases/Other Names


Louie is typically called Louie. He prefers that his full name is never said out loud. The small number of times it is used he mumbles, is angry, or (in case of DuckTales: Solving Mysteries and Rewriting History, as shown here.

Captain Lost

Captain Lost! Captain Lost! Captain Lost!

Dewey Duck, The Beagle Birthday Massacre!

In The Beagle Birthday Massacre! the nephews and Webby are preparing for boat ride, when Huey tells Webby a story about Louie getting them lost. Dewey (and Huey) love to chant Captain Lost.


Shorts (50%)

  • Meet Scrooge McDuck!
  • Donald's Birthday!
  • Meet Mrs. Beakley!

Season 1 (90.91%)

Comics (50%)


Lying; it's the responsible thing to do.

Louie Duck, Woo-oo!

My phone's dead! Guess I have to buy a new one!

Louie Duck, The Great Dime Chase!



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