Louis "Louie" Duck is a main character in the 2017 DuckTales series and one of Donald's triplet nephews. Louie is the youngest of the triplets. Louie has a very laid back attitude about things.

Background Edit

Personality Edit

He loves money and riches, but doesn't like having to work for it. He rather just sit on a couch all day watching television. He isn't quite as friendly as his brothers, but still loves his family and can be respectful, when he wants.

Physical Appearance Edit

Louie is a small white duck who wears a green sweatshirt. Unlike his brothers, his hair does not stick up.

 Appearances Edit

Shorts Edit

  • Meet Scrooge McDuck!
  • Donald's Birthday!
  • Meet Mrs. Beakley!

Season 1 Edit

Comics Edit

Quotes Edit

"Lying; it's the responsible thing to do." -Louie Duck[Source]
"My phone's dead! Guess I have to buy a new one!" -Louie Duck[Source]
"Captain Lost! Captain Lost! Captain Lost!" -Dewey Duck[Source]


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