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Magica De Spell is a main antagonist/ villainess in the DuckTales reboot, she is Lena's aunt who were she is currently trapped in her niece's amulet as a shadow.

She is voiced by Catherine Tate who plays Donna on Doctor Who, where she and David Tennant are also rivals.


When Lena started to face the camera, Lena starts saying words which will show her aunt Magica as a shadow from her talisman ("The Beagle Birthday Massacre!").

Anywhere Lena goes, her aunt always ask her to do what she say so. Even though, she failed once on obtaining the Dime she still continues in managing the dime from her nemesis, Scrooge.

Sometimes, Magica gets short-tempered on Lena if she fails to do something and because of this. She hasn't move on yet, but continues to manages the dime where she possess Lena in order to get the Dime by herself.

In the Season 1 finale, The Shadow War, it is revealed that Lena was a shadow the whole time after Magica was released from Scrooge's Number One Dime and took over Duckburg.




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