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Roxanne Featherly is a news reporter in Duckburg in DuckTales she is a green-feathered Duck with white head feathers.



Roxanne first appears near the end of an episode at a press conference at which Flintheart Glomgold is claiming to have obtained the Jewel of Atlantis. However, Roxanne and the others quickly turn their attention to Scrooge McDuck when he arrives with the true jewel, and she questions what he has to say about Flintheart's claims. She then reports on Scrooge's apparent return to adventuring "with family in tow" and how they will be "Solving mysteries and rewriting history."


Roxanne conducts an interview with Scrooge at McDuck Manor, and initially appears friendly by commenting on his defeat of Medusa. However, she soon proves to be an aggressive and antagonistic interviewer, stating that Scrooge is only a multi-millionaire and questioning whether he's from Ireland, rather than Scotland. She also brings in Glomgold as a video guest, and accuses Scrooge of willfully endangering Duckburg. However, she later mistakes the scattering of Scrooge's fortune around the money bin as him giving away money to the people of Duckburg and reports positively on him.

The Shadow War!

Roxanne broadcasts the aftermath of Magica's shadow crisis which had been averted by Scrooge and his family. This broadcast is observed from the moon by the surprisingly alive Della.