Curse me kilts!

–Scrooge McDuck

Scrooge McDuck is the main character in the 2017 DuckTales Series.


He is a Scottish duck, and is the richest businessman in the world. He goes to extreme lengths to save even small amounts of money, especially his Number One Dime.

Early Life

Number One Dime

S1E3 Scrooge Early Life

Earning his Number One Dime

Several years ago when Scrooge was a young boy, he was a shoe shiner in the city of Glasgow. One day while working, Burt the Ditchdigger came with boots cemented in mud and hired Scrooge to shine his shoes. Scrooge worked and worked, shining his shoes until they sparkled. In return, the man paid Scrooge with a single American dime.[1]

Moving to America

S1E3 Scrooge moving to America

Moving to America

Proud of his hard work, the American dime inspired Scrooge to move to the United States of America, where he would eventually find his fortune.[1]

Early Adventures

Neverrest Ninny

S1E8 Neverest Ninny

Scrooge and George, about to scale Mount Neverest

On Christmas day, 75 years prior to the series, Scrooge made his first million dollars and wanted to mark the occasion by doing something nobody has ever done before; climbing to the top of Mount Neverrest. He hired a renowned mountaineer, George Mallardy, to lead his expedition up the mountain. But due to Scrooge's inexperience and over-package on emergency supplies, Mallardy mocked him mercilessly. When Scrooge and Mallardy were tied together on a rope and dangling from a cliff, Mallardy insisted that Scrooge would lighten his load, but Scrooge refused believing the supplies were still needed. Frustrated, Mallardy cut scrooge loose and he fell of Mount Neverrest so Mallardy could continue himself. A myth of this incident spread around, but it stated that instead of Mallardy trying to kill Scrooge, he tried to save him. Scrooge was branded "The Neverrest Ninny".

The Good Life

ScroogeImage (3)

Basking in a pile of treasure

Scrooge was a very adventurous, outgoing and brave man, even in his older years. Some of his exploits include defeating a Rock Giant and carving a statue out of its leg and solving the mystery of the Chupacabra and swimming in a pile of gold.[2] During an adventure with Della Duck, Scrooge remarks that he's done 'aboot' everything in his life, from prospecting to treasure hunting and even farming chickens.[3]

The Golden Chicken

OMHAC Scrooge exploring temple

Scrooge and his family exploring the temple

On an adventure in a jungle, Scrooge McDuck, accompanied by his niece and nephew, Della Duck and Donald Duck respectively. The trio eventually came across an ancient city and temple, ruled by the mighty Montemplumage. Scrooge and Della make haste while they enter the temple, while Donald lags behind the group, making pessimistic quips along the way. While walking down a hallway, Scrooge came across an bird-like artifact in a cage. Della examines the artifact while Scrooge recognizes the bird as the greatest treasure Montemplumage ever owned, the Golden Chicken. Much to the confusion of the group, the chicken came to life and begins to attack the group. Scrooge deduces that the chicken was not Montemplumage's greatest treasure, but actually his greatest nightmare. The chicken begins to grow in size as it continues to assault Donald while Scrooge and Della try to came up with a solution to stop the being.

OMHAC Confronting the Chicken

confronting the Golden Chicken

Scrooge and Della uncover a room covered in ancient symbols. Scrooge was quickly able to learn what the symbols mean, recognizing them as the rules of a game and Della gets to work on trying to solve the puzzle. The two are able to solve the puzzle, but to their confusion and anger, it just seems to drop Cacao Beans from a vent located in a stone heads mouth. However, as Donald quickly realizes, the beans are magical and cause him to shrink after he eats them. Scrooge convinces the chicken to eat the Cacao Beans and causes it to also shrink. After several helpings of the beans, the chicken was small enough to fit in the cage. Sometime later, the trio are enjoying a train ride. Scrooge decides to keep the golden chicken as a keepsake.

Undated Events

Scrooge has apparently partaken in multiple rebellions in the past.[4] Curiously, Scrooge apparently has a history with Santa Claus, given his great displeasure at hearing his name.[5]



I made my name being tougher than the toughies and smarter than the smarties.

–Scrooge McDuck[2]

Once an avid adventurer, Scrooge started to slow down and began spending more time back at home, until his nephews rekindled his desire for adventure. Scrooge values hard work and integrity, and continues to be a hard worker in his old age. He wishes to instill values of hard work and dedication to his great-nephews, as seen in "The Great Dime Chase!".

Stern, yet kind-hearted, Scrooge takes great care in mapping out his paths, using the knowledge he has gained over the years to keep himself safe and out of harm's way. He is happy to impart his knowledge to others, provided that they are willing to listen.

Scrooge can also be quick tempered, especially where his pilot, Launchpad is concerned. His rival, Flintheart Glomgold also brings out his temper, though in a different way. Scrooge is determined not to let Flintheart ever take his position of richest duck in the world.

Scrooge is shown to have an obsessive side, such as when he wanted to stop at nothing to climb Mount Neverest, even putting the children's life at risk to further his goal. Nevertheless, Scrooge will ultimately put the safety of others above his selfish desires.

Skills and Abilities

Physical Prowess

Scrooge McDuck is a very strong duck physically. With raw strength, he was able to defeat a Rock Giant. His physical strength and finesse has been demonstrated throughout his many adventures, but has its limits. Scrooge was almost pushed to his limit during an exploration in an unknown jungle where after outrunning a tribe of savage natives and defeating a crew of pirates, Scrooge was winded and suffered from back problems.[6]


Self-described as being "smarter than the smarties", Scrooge has proven himself to be extremely intelligent on numerous occasions, from his business sense to his knowledge over ancient history.[3] Scrooge has proven himself to be an adequate translator, able to read ancient languages such as Atlantean and the unknown language of Montemplumage's City.[2][3]


Scrooge has many useful talents and skills, such as farming, treasure hunting and prospecting.[3]


Shorts (33%)

  • Meet Scrooge McDuck!
  • Donald's Birthday!

Episodes (78%)

Season 1 (78%)

Comics (33%)



Donald Duck

Donald is Scrooge McDuck's nephew. About 10 years before the events of Woo-oo!, Donald went on many adventures with Scrooge, along side with Della. Donald and Scrooge, had not talked to each other since then, it had something to do with the Spear of Selene". Donald had never told Huey, Dewey, and Louie about Scrooge being their uncle. After Donald's home was destroyed, he is willing to move in with Scrooge, and allows Huey, Dewey, and Louie to continue to go on adventures with Scrooge.

Over time, the two's differences between each other mellowed out and they began to treat each other more like family, granted, family members at odds with each other. Scrooge has called Donald lazy[6], but it's clear the two care a lot for one another. When Scrooge received experimental medical treatment from Rip Van Wrinkle, Donald rushed over to see if he was okay and was furious when he learned of the treatments negative side effects.[6]

The Kids

Scrooge is protective of the kids, Huey, Dewey, Louie and Webby. He cares a great deal about them and enjoys instilling good values and smarts into them, teaching them skills in business activities and adventuring. He can, however, put his own desires above their safety from time to time as he caves into his more negative, obsessive traits, but these moments are rare and Scrooge almost always shows remorse during them. An example of one of these moments can be seen in The Impossible Summit of Mt. Neverrest!, where Scrooge put his personal goal of scaling Mount Nevererest over the safety of Huey, Dewey and Webby, which nearly lead to their deaths.


  • David Tennant said that in "every episode a new corner of Scrooge's past is revealed."
  • Much of Scrooge's backstory is adapted from the comics written by Carl Barks and Don Rosa.
    • For example, his origin as a Shoe Shiner was lifted from the first story in The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck.


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