"The Great Dime Chase!" is the third episode of the Disney XD animated series, DuckTales. It premiered on September 23rd, 2017.


Louie accidentally spends Scrooge's Number One Dime, and turns to mad inventor Gyro Gearloose for help to get it back, while Dewey and Webby become entangled in a conspiracy.


While watching television, Louie feels uninterested by the show he is too lazy to change and acts unmotivated. Scrooge takes notice of Louie's unproductiveness and declares that he is spending too much time in luxury; to teach him the importance of hard work, Scrooge takes Louie to the Money Bin while he meets with his board of advisers. Meanwhile, Dewey goes to Webby Vanderquackto see if she has any information about his mother Della Duck. Dewey mentions that Donald never talks about her and that all Dewey has known about her so far is a picture of Della pushing Donald into a cake. Webby is fascinated by this evidence; sadly, she has no information about Della in her "Della Duck" files, as virtually any record of Della is nonexistent, and traces have been largely covered up by Scrooge. To find out more, Webby suggests that they go to Money Bin's archives.

Scrooge and Louie, joined by Dewey and Webby, drive to the Money Bin. While Dewey and Webby head off to the archives, Louie explores the upper parts of the Money Bin and Scrooge's office. Scrooge shows Louie Number One Dime in his office. Scrooge attempts to explain the dime's special value as what motivated the duck to come to America and build his fortune when he was a child but Louie attempts to dive into the money, only for Scrooge to stop him.

In the archives, Dewey and Webby encounter the librarian of the archives, Miss Quackfaster, who is less than thrilled to see Webby again. But since Dewey, a blood relative of the McDucks, is with Webby this time, Quackfaster is forced to let them in, but not without stalling them with "trials" to find the information they seek.

Back at the meeting, Scrooge's scientist Gyro Gearloose bursts in to introduce his invention, an assistant robot called Lil Bulb. Gyro guarantees that Lil Bulb has a multi-purpose function and asks the board to fund the production of the robot; due to the history of Gyro's robots becoming sentient and turning evil however, the board rejects his invention. Bitter, Gyro leaves the meeting. The board reveals that they called the meeting to cut spending in the money bin, much to Scrooge's chagrin. Louie quickly loses interest in the financial discussions and decides to get a soda from the vending machine. Since the machine requires ten more cents, Louie absent-mindedly takes the Number One Dime to pay for the soda. While justifying his spending money on a 5000 dollar pillow for a dime, Scrooge tells the board about how the much the dime means to him, only afterwards does Louie realize his mistake. He tries to follow the dime as it is transferred throughout the building and eventually finds it in the coin-slotting room; unfortunately, the door to it is locked. Louie convinces Gyro to give him Lil Bulb promising to use the robot for a test run. With Lil Bulb, Louie gets into the coin slotting room. However, Louie returns to his lax nature and has Lil Bulb search for the dime alone as he sits back and looks at his phone. Lil Bulb, embittered by Louie's neglect, takes matters further by hijacking the coin slotting machine as its new body, turning it into a larger robot. When the dime ends up rolling to Louie, Lil Bulb, now Big Bulb, chases after Louie for the dime.

In the archives, Dewey and Webby are getting nowhere with Quackfaster's trials as the duck is willing takes extreme dedication to protecting the secrets of the archives. Aggravated by her behavior, Dewey attempts to leave but Quackfaster informs that there are those who would that destroy them for seeking info on Della Duck, including herself. Quackfaster then chases after them with a sword, leading the young ducks to try and escape from her.

Back upstairs, Louie runs for his life with Big Bulb hot on his trail. Gyro notices Louie in trouble, and comes to his aid by trying to calm Big Bulb down. The effort is for naught however, and Gyro finds himself caught on Big Bulb-still targeting Louie. At the board meeting, Scrooge is frustrated with the board bringing up the issues of budget conflicting with his large-scale and dangerous adventures. When brought up about job cuts, Scrooge defends his employees by praising their hardwork and skill. At the climax of the speech, Louie frantically enters with Big Bulb and Gyro; Scrooge then concedes that his employees are deranged but better off kept at the Money Bin to avoid havoc outside in Duckburg and that they would seek revenge if they were fired, convincing the nervous board to let Scrooge keep his employees. At the edge of the Money Bin's gold, Louie is caught by Big Bulb; while dangling for life, Gyro realizes that Big Bulb was malfunctioning from a 75-watt bulb (he is only able to withstand a 50-watt bulb); he replaces the bulb and removes Lil Bulb from his auxiliary body, causing the empty shell and to fall into Louie and the gold with a bunch of dimes. Back in the archives, Dewey finds a book titled with Della's name with the only entry being a reference number. Dewey and Webby realize that the reference number indicates a special arrangement of books is required; the duo figures it out, which leads them to a secret observatory-like room with various artifacts. Dewey notices a letter to Scrooge on the wall, containing an apology written by Della that reveals she had stolen an item called the Spear of Selene. Fearing the possibility that his mother betrayed Scrooge, Dewey tells Webby to hold off telling anyone, including his brothers, until they know more.

With the board meeting concluded, Scrooge heads back to his office to check on Louie. Under time pressure, Louie moves through the gold to recover the dime and makes it back to the office just as Scrooge enters. Happy to see Louie in place, Scrooge then reveals that the dime on display was actually a decoy dime; Scrooge keeps the real Number One Dime around his neck for safety. However, Scrooge commends Louie on his responsibility and gives him the decoy dime so that Louie could begin building his fortune as well. Louie decides to celebrate with a victory soda, but once again unwittingly uses the dime he earned to pay for it, much to Louie's horror.

By evening, Gyro analyzes the results of Lil Bulb and its development of sentience. He concludes that controlling robots are the best guarantee to prevent destruction from happening again, and decides to start a new experiment: Project Blatherskite.


  1. David Tennant as Scrooge McDuck
  2. Ben Schwartz as Dewey Duck
  3. Bobby Moynihan as Louie Duck
  4. Kate Micucci as Webby Vanderquack
  5. Jim Rash as Gyro Gearloose
  6. Keith Ferguson as Flintheart Glomgold/Johnny/Randy
  7. Susanne Blakeslee as Miss Quackfaster/Secretary
  8. Marc Evan Jackson as Bradford Buzzard
  9. Beck Bennett as Launchpad McQuack (Uncredited)


After "Woo-oo!"
  • On Gyro's notepad, Cogs, Armstrong, and Robotica along with Lil' Bulb can be seen among Gyro's robots that turned "evil".
  • When Gyro thinks about his next project, he writes the word "Blatherskite", the Code Word used to activate Fenton Crackshell's Gizmosuit.
  • The Book Dewey & Webby find is called "The Life & Times Of Della Duck", a Homage to the Dona Rosa Comic "The Life & Times Of Scrooge McDuck", which DuckTales is base on.
  • Ottoman Empire, the Show which Louie watches, appears to be a parody of Property Brothers.
  • Absent: This is the first episode where Donald DuckMrs. Beakley, and Huey Duck are absent (though Huey is mentioned and Danny Pudi is credited).
  • Gyro Gearloose and Miss Quackfaster appear in this episode for the first time.
  • Marc Evan Jackson previously voiced Bentley Buzzard (who ironically is in this episode).


  • TBA


  • Beck Bennett's name isn't in the credits even though Launchpad speaks in the episode.
  • One of the Vulture board of directors seems to have two eyebrows when Bradford says "Do you really need a Money Bin?".


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