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I am both uking and puking.

Webby Vanderquack, The Great Dime Chase

"Uke or Puke" is a Japanese-import Arcade game located at Funso’s Fun Zone, it is currently the only copy of the game in the United States.


S1E2 Uke or Puke gameplay


Uke or Puke is a rhythm game that uses a ukulele shaped-controller as the player inputs in a similar vein to games such as Guitar Hero or Rockband.

The game utilizes sprite-based graphics in a Japanese "chibi" style with slightly anthropomorphic foods and shapes falling down down in lanes. The games art-style is very colorful and bright, with an overall rainbow theme.


S1E2 Dewey playing Uke or Puke

Dewey playing Uke or Puke

In "Daytrip of Doom!", it's revealed that Dewey is a huge fan of the game, scoring the high score for all 10 slots. He encourages Webby Vanderquack to play the game, and though she's hesitant at first, she quickly finds herself not only enjoying the game, but also finds herself to be quite skillful at it. After the Beagle Boys sneak up on her dressed as Funso, she instinctively used the ukulele to attack them and kicked them away, unplugging the game and resetting Dewey's scores in the process.


Season 1 (13%)



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