Webbigail "Webby" Vanderquack is the tritagonist in DuckTales series. She is the granddaughter of Bentina Beakley, who is a huge fan of Donald Duck and his adventures.



She appears to be easily excited, and knowledgeable on her heroes. She idolizes Donald Duck and the nephews.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Webby is a small white duck with a pink bow on the right side of her head. She sports a blue and pink top and a purple skirt.

 Appearances Edit

Shorts (50%) Edit

  • Donald's Birthday!
  • Meet Mrs. Beakley!
  • Meet Webby Vanderquack!

Season 1 (100%) Edit

  1. Woo-oo!
  2. Daytrip of Doom!
  3. The Great Dime Chase!
  4. The Beagle Birthday Massacre!
  5. Terror of the Terra-firmians!

Quotes Edit

"One day I'm gonna see the world! One day I'm gonna eat a hamburger!" -Webby Vanderquack[Source]
"Can you hook up a girl with a free water cup, you know for fruit punch." -Webby Vanderquack[Source]


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