Episode begins with a seagull flying across the sky and to a harbor of ships.
Bird [Caws]
Sailor 1# Hey!
Sailor 2# Eh!
Sailor 3# Go!
Donald Duck Ahhhhhh!
Louie Duck C'mon! Hold still Uncle Donald.
Huey Duck Good morning, Uncle Donald.
Louie Duck You can't wear this to your job interview.
Donald My uniform!
Louie You gotta dress for the job you want, not the job you have, which is no job.
Donald Wah!
Donald Huey, don't touch the stove. It's hot!
Huey But it's a big day, and a big day calls for a big breakfast.
(deflating sound)
Donald Bleh!
Huey I'll get the iron.
Donald Ouch! Ooch.
Donald Stop helping me. And put on your life vests!
Donald What if the boat goes down while the babysitter's here?
Huey and Louie Yes, Uncle Donald.
Donald Where is that babysitter?
Donald Where are you?!
Donald What?
Donald I didn't give you a new address.
Donald Well, what time can you get here?
Babysitter I... don't know?
Donald Crazy old bird.
Donald Where can I find another babysitter at 10:00?
Donald 10:00?!
Huey and Louie You gotta go!
Donald Aah!
Donald I can't just leave you!
Louie We can survive for a couple of hours!
Donald A couple of hours. Uh... well, okay.
Donald But just keep those life vests on!
(engine starts)
Donald Where's Dewey?
Louie Sleeping.
Huey Who's Dewey?
Louie Who's Dewey.
Dewey Duck All right, boys, we'll get to Cape Suzette and back before anyone realizes we're gone.
Dewey So long, Dorkburg! Hello Uncle Donald? What, what's up?
Donald I can't leave you boys alone for one minute!
Dewey You were supposed to get him out by 10:00, Hubert!
Huey You were supposed to signal before you started the boat, Dewford!
Louie We never get to do anything!
Donald Boys, if we want to keep our home afloat, we've all got to do things we don't want to do.
Donald (sighs)
GPS Destination: McDuck Manor.
Huey McDuck Manor? As in Scrooge McDuck?
Dewey The bajillionaire!

You're finally gonna sell us.

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